Connecting wireless receiver to my VESC

How do I connect this VESC with my receiver? In the videos I watched there was a connection cable to plug into the receiver, but I received mine without one, I feel like i’m probably just missing something simple here, but would really appreciate some help

You need to buy your own servo cable :wink:

you can also use a USB header cable :slight_smile:

would this work?

Nope, you need Male to male servo lead

I’ve been browsing on the website I linked earlier since the delivery times are just a couple of days (Located in belgium) & the shipping costs are very low, but I can’t seem to find any male to male servo leads? This is the only thing I found that comes close

You would need at least another plug for the wires. You can buy two of these too and solder them together that you have the plug on both sides. But i would rather buy somewhere else (ebay, amazon, hobbyking) than to solder two expensive male servo leads together (altough i would have to wait some days)… but it is up to you

I know this might be a little much to ask, but could you, if you have a couple of minutes to spare, have a look on the website to check if i’m not just overlooking the part I need?

I did not find the matching product but some pictures are missing…

you could buy the servoe lead and this plug

But if you imagine: that are 5€ for one cable you have to make your own… instead of 10 servo leads for 1,26

Your call

First of all, thanks for helping me out here. Secondly, just went on hobbyking, and the delivery would be done through International (Registered) Air Mail since the package is so light, will this mean I won’t have to pay import taxes? because to be honest that’s the only thing really holding me back from buying on hobbyking, I payed 40€ import taxes on a rather small package, and would rather not do the same for a €2 one.

Mhm in germany the VAT is 20% no matter how big or small the package is… i assume that is everywhere.

I dont think you will need to pay taxes.

EDIT: You are in the eu (belgium)… just buy from the EU Warehouse from hobbyking and you are good to go!

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Okay, thank you very much for all the help!