Connection from receiver to VESC


Have a FS-GT2B Transmitter with a 3 channel FS-GR3E receiver. Was wondering where to connect to on VESC and what terminal are used. Wiring diagram would be helpful.


The PPM Signal / RC Servo is where the 3 pin of the GT2B goes. You’ll need to either solder a 3 pin to the VESC and/or solder a servo wire directly to the area.

Most of the VESC’s you purchase will have the 3 pin however.

you’ll find it somewhere in the forum . its all in here at esk8

Here’s a schematic. Some cables are black/red/white and others are brown/red/orange. I’ve put both on.


Hi There,

once I’ve connected everything up and binder the receiver will the VESC operate the motor or do i have to program it first.

Hey Kruizy, it sounds like you need to do some more reading, the vesc is fairly straight forward, but if you don’t take time & do your reading it will likely end in tears. :smile:

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