Connectivity issues / Intermittent braking - Need advice

I’m kind of at a loss right now. I can’t figure out why I’m all of a sudden having connectivity issues. Now it’s to the point that whenever I apply throttle, it will cut out on me after a second. After this occurs, if I try apply throttle again the motor gets glitchy, slightly applying the brakes/locking up for a split second. My guess is it has something to do with the motor. Maybe the internal wires are shorting or something. I really don’t think it’s the remote at this point, but I will definitely look into it further. Fyi, It’s a Steez remote - pretty much brand new. I did recently change a few of the Vesc settings, which were as follows: Motor tab: Unchecked Limit erpm with negative torque, set max erpm to 60k, PPM tab: erpm limit start to 58k, erpm limit end to 60k, min/max pulsewidth to match what display was showing. Also, changed motor/batt min (regen) to 30/-30 to ease up brakes. It’s set as current no reverse with brake.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

I would suggest you check the solder points between the VESC and motor, sounds like you might have a cold one with the breaks and throttle acting up.

Thanks for the quick response. Are you talking about solder points on the actual VESC or within the bullet connectors that connect it to the motor?

Sounds like it could be an radio issue. Use safestart and a deadzone of at least .2-.3. But make sure the range is centered.

Are these settings inside the BLDC tool? If so, can you please elaborate? This is the first I am hearing about them. Thanks!

The bullet or xt connectors from the VESC to the motor, and the points in the VESC where the phase wires begin.

Yes. On the ppm tab. Right in the middle.

I would run motor detection again too. I’ve had vesc reset randomly.( Maybe I tapped the wrong button?) But it would cause the motor to stop after a sec…

Strange, everything looks good. Still have a couple more places to check but I’m stumped. Still wondering if the motor wires could be at fault here. Could there possibly be a short where they meet up inside the motor? Was thinking about replacing them with some silicone wire.

@mmaner @saul Looks like I found the culprit. Bad solder on motor or vesc bullet connector. We shall see if this fixes the problem. Thanks again for you input.

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Good job. I would go ahead resolder all of the phase wire connectors, both sides. If one was solderd bad it’s likely others were as well.