Connectors for inside Enclosure to make removal easier

I’m sure i’m not the only one that has dealt with an enclosure tethered to the board by wires from a charging port, volt meter, light switch, power switch, etc… I would like to fix this problem by putting inline connectors for easy and quick removal of the enclosure completely. The problem I am having is finding connectors for 22G wire that are not to large.

This type won’t fit? You can get almost any pin count, for charging port I would go with 4 or 6 and just double or triple up the POS and neg

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But you end up soldering a shit load of connections but worth it I think to allow everything to come apart

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Not a fan of the weight of the 2mm banana connectors, I have used them but with them being metal they pose a threat of shorting.

@scepterr Thanks, Ordered these now.

I’m using them on the antisparks


O yea I tube shrink everything, so solder + tube shrink ends up being a lot of work.

I use bullet connectors inside enclosure. Minimum bulk for a tidy installation plus a secure connection that can handle high current. No risk of shorting when there covered with shrink tube.

I have had several of the really small bullet/banana connectors separate a bit with vibration and movement. I know it’s as simple as just shrink wrapping the ends together but if I have to take the enclosure off away from MTB workbench this wouldn’t be possible.

There is a way to make them more secure and insulated but still easily removable with shrink tube sleeve mod on male end.

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I use locking molex connectors for all my auxiliary connections

2mm bullet connectors are tiny and another good option

I’ve used 4mm bullets for charge port. 2mm sounds very interesting. I wasn’t aware of them until now. On a recent build, I mounted the meter, switch and charge port through the top of the deck at the owners request so there are no wires attached to the enclosure.