Considering a build!

Hey all! Been lurking the forums and trying to sift through this insane mountainn of community knowledge and have come up with some ideas on my first build and would love any advice from you guys.

Deck is still undecided but that should be easy enough to track down I think.
Thinking about the Carvon Single hub. Would be interested in a single with ABECs but I only see the double on the site…
Enertion’s space cell
Sometype of controller… Whatever is easy and compact… Maybe the Wii Thingy!

I read @RunPlayBack 's thread with his and it looks great! I am 170 though so not sure if that effects performance much. I live in the south of Sweden now and its pretty flat here. Was a bit curious on how temperature affects the batteries (@onloop any advice) , and i’m sure our cooler temps help the motor. Also how sealed are hub motors from the elements, we do get rain here and bike paths are salted in the winter. Any other advice? Any other builders in Sweden or northern Europe?

Thanks for everyone’s help!


Welcome! So I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan which is a pretty cold climate during the winter and I’ve ridden my board in some of the harshest weather/terrain you can imagine. The coldest temperature I’ve done a ride in would be about -13 degrees celsius.

With proper maintenance and common sense, I think you’ll be fine.


That’s legit!! Ok that takes a bit oh the worry out of it. What type of speeds/range do you get out of the Space Cell and Single Hub?

I think your weight works in your favour… it’s the weight that really plays havoc when it comes to drivetrain selection & design…

ALSO, with mostly flat terrain I think you can get away with the setup you have listed…

if you were over 80KG & wanted to climb hillz i’d say you need to reconsider the single hub.

For hillz you need a system that is designed to have max torque for a given speed.

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@kcb064 welcome! I ride this build around Massachusetts (in the U.S.) In the winter, the coldest I’ve got riding is about 20F. Lower than that and the wind-chill is so harsh that I don’t enjoy it! I find that I get less riding time in severely cold weather, but it’s probably a 10-15% decrease, nothing major.

Salt is an enemy, I don’t know what the long-term impact will be to my motor, but I try to stay out of the salt when I can, and I clean it off when I get home. The corrosive properties of the roadsalt can’t be good for our boards!

@onloop Good to know! Do have any rough estimates on speed/range with the Space Cell and a single hub? Have you started shipping the new ones yet? I’d love to see some photos other than the renderings on the site. How sealed is the enclosure to keep out water from wet roads or dirt/winter salt?

@treenutter That board looks sick! That’s good to know that it is only about 10-15%. Your climate sounds pretty similar to mine. When it hits 20F I’m not even considering going outside, but low 30s I would be. My bicycle took a beating this winter with the road salt here and I’d like to prevent that as much as possible with a board.


I would definitely recommend the nyko kama as a controller! I am using it with my board and it’s such a nice size, small and compact, it even fits the pockets of my jacket. I am also very interested in the Carvon Single and Dual Hub motors. Be sure to post your thoughts about it after you’ve made your build. I am also from Sweden, live anywhere near Gothenburg? :slight_smile:

Hey! I’ll for sure keep in touch with the build! I live down in Malmö, a lot less Hills down here so I think I’ll go single hub.

What board are you using in that video? It got a nice size.

It is either the Jet Spud or Jet Potato.

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@Khayman @lox897 yup the Jet Spud although I think it’s discontinued. Rumor is the 2016 Jet Spud is supposed to drop soon. It’s a really unique board, really haven’t found anything else like it. I’ve hit 30mph on it and felt comfortable which is unusual for a 29" deck.

I better order one quick then :smiley:

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