Constructive Criticism and Intellectual Property Ethics

What the fuck is wrong with people? why so much hate/negativity? - if this place turns into a hate-filled hell hole like the electric skateboard subreddit I’m going to die a very sad man.

We should be celebrating new ideas.

Personally, I think this looks really cool! It’s obviously extremely unique in terms of aesthetics but isn’t outside the realms of what is possible with today’s technology & manufacturing processes. I would definitely be interested in riding it to see how it goes. (pretty sure it’s not actually going to be a real product though - it’s more like someones major work for a university or something - either way lots of work has gone into it)

To the designer, Mr Lim, Congrats for thinking outside the box, product design is really hard, sometimes the best designs seem really strange at first, what is important is that you have the courage & the vision to try something different! I hope you get to ride an esk8 like your design one day!

Finally, Everyone else who thinks its funny to put people down publicly, you need to look at yourself in the mirror for a while and decide why you are on this planet and think about whether you have done something nice to help the world or others lately. Maybe start by saying something nice.


Please gtfo?


Try it bro. being nice sometimes is pretty good fun.


I said please


I personally don’t think ive said anything wrong besides not being convinced it is something Id use. That can definitely change but looking at the picture raises questions. Aesthetically,i like the look, just not convinced it can go all that fast or that the kinks in the “smart drive” are figured out. Ive always liked how fierce the community can be. Real products that work always survive anyways

is this a negative point? does a brand name or what is written on something make it good? if you base your opinion purely on meaningless attributes you might miss the good stuff.

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Thats negative?!? Just a fact… the trucks look like something ive personally never seen. The angle looks different and the only writing on it is electric truck. I tried to see if it was a brand out there to get a better look at said truck…

ESPECIALLY since lately the posts have been full of talk channel trucks and rake and surfrods and all things trucks

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Here we go again lol


Lol i have NO Opinion on this topic… just been reading the posts( its all anove my pay grade anyways)


Honestly, i’m not talking about any one person… it’s just a general feeling i get reading various threads lately.

Specifically, I’m addressing the “tone” in the room/forum… its like pack mentality & its extremely unhealthy in online community forums…

EXAMPLE: “Everyone else is saying it’s shit, it must be shit, therefore i’m also going to say it’s shit too & if anyone asks me why i think it’s shit i’m going to tell them that everyone says it’s shit so that’s why!”

Now when others see this NEGATIVE theme developing, and say for instance they don’t have the courage to develop & express their own opinion, especially if they have a different opinion, it means new ideas can die prematurely. Which is extremely bad for our community.


You have to realize this is kinda rich coming from you.


Give me one example when i said something bad or negative about someone’s designs without having the facts or experience to backup my position.

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For me is like: “this is interesting” “I’m gonna post this, forum must appreciate a different approach”…couple hours later I come back and there are 20 nasty opinions, 3 neutral and 1 positive remark… wdfk??

So, is like the feeding frenzy @onloop describes. Nothing short of that. :roll_eyes:


You could lead by example. I’ve seen you make hostile, vague legal threats out in the open towards other vendors.

I’m just saying man, probably not the best person to try to champion the ‘be good to one another’ cause.


This community used to be a place where dreams can become reality, where new ideas can be nurtured & developed…

It’s sad to see this nurturing culture is starting to slip away.


you’re so consumed by negative energy you are now the perfect example of my point

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Ha. What?

You just basically responded with: nuh nuh, you!

The most impactful hostility I’ve seen here has come from you and Frank.


your attacking me for trying to make the community a nicer place, wow…

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No Jason, I’m pointing out that you have a record on here as being pretty hostile when you get worked up. So it’s kinda ironic seeing you swing this position.