Contact cleaner and Dry lube (WD40) for cleaning wheels/motors?

Ok so a guy just posted a video cleaning his wheels with wd40 dry line and then his motors with wd40 contact cleaner for electronics. Is this a good or bad idea? I’ve never seen this before till today

Purists will tell you to never use WD40 on bearings as there is friction causing elements that will wear down the bearings. I personally just toss them and install new ones so its never an issue.

No idea on the motors.


WD40 also is a solvent based formula. This will play hell with the bearing seals and break them down so not a great idea. Contact cleaner as a rule is quite safe for electronics. I’m not familiar with the WD40 version so I can’t vouch for it, but contact cleaner on the motor windings should be good. Just make sure the fluid is evaporated before using them. @mmaner you don’t clean your bearings? You’re missing out on something that’s relaxing and satisfying. It’s like cleaning the car, not something to get excited about until you’re doing it. Feels so good once it’s done.

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Yeah, I dont clean the car either. I pay my kids to do it. I have 4 of them, I average 4 hours of sleep a night, and dont have enough time to drink single malt much less clean frikkin bearings :slight_smile:


Last time I cleaned my bearings was last year I used a telflon gun oil in the bearings and honestly through rain and dirt and about 500miles of riding the bearings still spin for ages. I may try zealous bearings when. These start to finally go bad.

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I have swiss ceramics on all my longboards but my trampa. I never replace them, they seem to last forever. I have the bones bearing puller and bearing wash bottle. I pull the bearings a couple times a year, remove the seals, load them with the spacers in to the wash bottle triple washing them with Ethanol (Methylated) in my ultrasonic bath before reassembly and lube. I only use soap and water on my wheels and wipe down my trucks/axles with bog roll (dunny paper)…

I use wd40 to clean my bearings and corrosion x grease for lubricstion

WD-40 is 100% not appropriate as lube.

It’ll clean bearings just fine, might be a little bad for nylon ball retainers but it won’t destroy anything.

But there’s a lot of other cleaning options for a lot cheaper. Just an acetone rinse followed by mild soap and water can be really good. Acetone is cheap and honestly a lot less bad for you than touline which is in a lot of other cleaners.

Also for lube after cleaning. Free spin should really hardly be a consideration at all for most disciplines, but for Eskate especially its a complete non-issue. So definitely pass over on oil lubes, and jump straight to NLGI #2 greases.

My grease recommendation is schaeffer’s 274 Moly Grease.

I just stuff mine with lithium soap based grease. WD40 can be used to clean them out. But you would want a lubricant used afterwards. I however haven’t used WD40 on bearings

No, dont use this. Compressed air is all you need. Brushless motors need to be insulated inside, don‘t think wd40 will attack enamel coating, but i‘m not sure it wont either.