Controller has no variability

Hi there, I have an Eneriton Nano-x controller, a replacement space cell battery, and single hub motor from Carvon. Everything is working fine, but my controller is functioning less like a controller and more like an on/off button. My motor is either on full or not, and its very difficult to get anywhere in between. Is this a problem with my controller, my VESC settings, or a problem with my motor? Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks

Have you done PPM setup in the BLDC tool?

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@mmaner Yes, I have

Not sure how experienced you are, but there’s a huge difference between bench testing and and actual load in the motor.

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@mmaner That may be the issue. I don’t have a battery case yet so I can’t ride it yet and I’ve only been able to do bench testing. This is also my first DIY build

on the bench the vesc will do only off or on but on the road with resistance it’s fine. think it’s current control. ride it

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No worries, everyone has to learn. I think that’s the issue though. When you put a load on it it will have much more ‘finesse’ in the remote trigger travel.

If you notice it does this while riding it, maybe you are in expert mode. I think beginner mode has better, more gradual acceleration and braking.