Controller help

So I have the winning v2 and first time I plugged it in it sent my motor flying unless I held it down to at least half break so I assumed the settings were off… nbd. So I get the BLDC tool all loaded, motor detection, adjust some motor settings, wrote those configuration in and then went to BLDC and changed the remote off custom (I beleeve) to ppm (what I think it’s suppose to be on. I then stopped getting anything from the controller (only keyboard now) so of course I tried switching it back to custom and only briefly did I get the led to come back on but the throttle didn’t work. Then had trouble binding it and In that process lost the led light again. Any ideas? Please help

I think it’s the same as the Enertion nano-x. It should be in the instructions. Turn on the remote first. The move the throttle all the way forward then backward a couple times. Then turn on your skateboard. You have to do this every time you turn it on. It needs to set the end points every time. If you forget and are on the board you may find out the hard way. Try it and report back.

Thanks . I’ll try tonight after work. Best to check tomorrow as it’ll be late when I try

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