Controller suggestion - wired control

It seems like most of the controllers, these days, use wireless controllers.

I’m building something just a bit different - an electric walker (like old folks use). Essentially a very wide electric board, with a frame to hold onto, that goes really slowly (4mph tops).

I’m thinking of very simple controls - two motors, two slide switches (maybe just on/off buttons), tank-style steering (left motor only to go right, etc.).

Which leads to an obvious question: Any suggestions as to motor controllers that can take a wired input - bonus for a simple on/off contact closure - where the speed is simply programmed in?


How about this? Is a mechanic speed controller from RC. It has 3 speeds. The brand is tamiya. Around 10 bucks. I hope it helps, good luck!!

Use an arduino ppm_ing a drone esc, connected to a brushless motor. Put a ridiculously high gear ration on the brushless motor from a drone because they spin stupidly fast. This could be a super cheap project - you only need a 3s lipo, a drone motor, an esc, an arduino and a gearbox!

you can get a cheap servo tester and then use the pot to wire up to a throttle control.

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