Converting hub motors into "direct drive" with Bergmeister Pneumatic. CARVlab

Hi. I want to hear your opinions on something I haven’t seen before. Is this a sustainable installation?

This video shows the conversion kit and installation:

Only Meepo kits are available at the moment. They should have Raptor kits coming up. Link to the website:

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Nice idea but without modify the rear truck you get it way too long drive train.

The biggest problem is the kv of these motors are way too high. They are designed for 100mm ish max wheels, not 200mm. They really need their kv cut in half to be usable. At this kv, top speed will be 50+ mph. Just plug it into the eskate calc for your self and see. I believe meepos are 60 kv, and raptors are 70 ish, hummies are 85 kv on average. All are too high. So what to do about this problem?

Design a Pneumatic hub motor from the ground up that can do high current. More info coming on this soon… P.S. Very soon!


You tease.

I do like to tease. But I am working on what I hope will be a high powered pneumatic hub motor that works with 6, 7 and 8 inch tires. I’m be making a thread about this when I finish the design and start ordering stuff.

But here’s a sneak peak. Planning on using a 6330 stator. Longer than the first hummie hub stator and a lot wider. So I’m hoping to have more power than a small hummie hub and a little less than the current hummie hub. But with the goal of fitting the stator inside and not having too much overlap.



Wait the kit is selling haggy board pneumatics along with motor adapters for $200?

No if you include the tyres is 400 chrome

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