Copper braid wire source

Hi! I started making a 10s3p 30Q (so max 60A discharge current) flat battery pack. I used 10 x 0.15mm nickel strips and doubled them on the series connections. Now by looking in the forum the main suggestion would be to add a copper braid wire on top of them. Do you know any convenient source for them in EU? I need it now otherwise I would go for Aliexpress. I also have copper sheet and copper bare to use instead of braid wire. Do you think it is a problem to solder the copper on the nickel stips instead of weld it. I would put a spot of solder iron on both nickel and copper and them solder them together (I hope fast enought to not heat up the cells). Do you any other way?

Thanks a lot

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Amazon is always nice. You can solder the copper braid on the nickel unless you’re spot welding copper strips


Do you think I can solder a copper bare on them instead of a braid wire? Like a 12 awg bare.

Sure, why not?

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Yea I don’t see a problem with that Just any copper conductor is fine

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Perfect, I already have them. Thanks!

Yes you can even use normal silicon wire if you have it, that is what lots of people do to make flexible battery packs


Hey @rey8801 how easy did you find soldering the copper braid? I plan on doing it

personally I find copper braid a bit of a nightmare, it needs a lot of heating to get the solder to flow and that is transferred to the cells.

I have found 10 or 12 awg (depending on your pack config) cable to be easier and cheaper - just strip off the insulation

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Ok. Price isnt really an issue, I actually thought it would be easier for some reason. I just like the flexibility of it.

I would be buying tinned copper braid if that makes it any easier to solder?

just found this. its 8mm wide 1mm thick.

I found it super ok but with the right tool. I borrowed a industrial soldering iron. Put a drop of iron on Flux and then super easy. That soldering iron is like 400w 4 times the size. So heat up everything super fast. With the normal one it’s gonna be a nightmare

Ok. Like using a soldering gun instead might be better? I think I was going to use this anyway. I just bought a TS100 and don’t think its very good in this situation


Was really old I can not find the model. Anyhow the tip size was something like this one 500-Watts-Electric-Soldering-Iron-Gun-Big-Power

20-25€ and should do the job pretty well


I might aswell use the tools I have since its good for the job.

My plan now is to use 12AWG wire and solder it to nickel, which is already spot welded to the battery. I wont solder directly onto the cells but in the middle between them

Just need to learn how to be quick with a soldering iron i guess

Get special flux for nickel. Helped me a lot

Oh ok. I have just regular one atm

12awg is way more easier. It will work.

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I will show some pictures of what i am trying to do in a bit. Still need to get some fishpaper