Copper in 10 gauge wire

Numbers are all over with the crappy different brands I have having different amounts of copper. Can someone please tell me the conductor diameter of a turnigy 10 gauge. Just the copper

I just measured mine with a ruler its about 3.5mm diameter.

Well 0.1019 inches in 2.58826 mm so I am not sure who is right. @lowGuido did you measure just the copper or the insulation as well?

I did say I used a ruler, so its not the most accurate way to measure such small things, but I didnt have a vernier on me. (I could probably find one.) either way… Turnigy brand 10AWG conductor diameter 3.5mm

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got a vernier. 3.41mm

Alright, then 3.41mm it is :slight_smile:.

I have bought other brands that have been noticably thinner than turnigy… perhaps turnigy under state their AWG rating?

The difference in diameter from above is because of solid vs stranded.

The construction of the wire (# of strands & stand size) affects the overall diameter: 3.25 to 3.4mm, per the chart below. But really it’s the insulation thickness that ultimately affects how big you perceive the wire to be