Correct wheel pulleys when changing wheels

I bought a used board and I’m wanting to try 90 mm or 97mm as I currently have 83mm on. The kit is from DIY 10S5P 360WH Battery& ESC & Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit

Will most pulleys work with their stuff? I’m guessing not many will but I’m very new to this so any help would be appreciated thanks

I think, as in I’m not sure, they use 3m belts and pulleys. I would verify that.

Take photos of the pulleys and wheels

I will snap some pics today when I get home. Thanks guys

Here’s what I have.

Yeah, the pulleys and axles will fit 90mm and 97mm flywheels (ABEC11 brand) or flywheel clones

Check clearance everywhere else too, like the motor, belt guard, deck, et cetera

they’ll definitely fit genuine ABECs but there may be a clone or two out there that won’t fit that pulley. IT depends on if it was designed specifically for ABECs, which it does not appear to be, or if the wheel it was targeting was “clone compatible” or “abec compatible.” The spacing on what we like to call “clone compatible” wheels are different than genuine ABECs and also different than some of the clone wheels.

pulleys designed for ABECs have a wider spoke tooth, so they don’t fit in clones. Pulleys targeted at a wheel with a closer approximation to the ABEC spoke spacing also would not fit.

its hard to tell from the image which compatibility level it lives at, but the spoke teeth look kind of wide to me for the typical Pro Longboard wheels you get on Amazon.

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take a photograph of the wheel, straight-on from the side, and we can tell more

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I’m not sure if these are clear enough to give you what you’re looking for I’ll try again if not

Yeah, that pulley won’t fit ALL clone wheels but most of them. The worst-case scenario is you’d have some filing to do on the wheel insert. Some of the clone wheels have fatter spokes that won’t fit in the gaps in the insert

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Ok, thanks for your quick responses guys. Wow