CorrosionX in motors

Read from other threads that it’s a good idea to flood everything with corrosionx. I’m planning to gasket seal my enclosure so water will be less likely to get in, but I’m still worried about my phase wires and motor.

I don’t need 100% waterproofing, just splash resistant. I’m running an unsealed TB 6355 motor and was thinking of spraying a good amount of corrosionx in there +phase wires to prevent any corrosion.

Still really worried about water creating a short between the phase wires sending me straight into asphalt. What are your thoughts about drowning motors in corrosionx and what’s the best way to water-proof phase wires?

CorrosionX is fine to use on all electronics and phased motors.

However if you plane to use CorrosionX. Be aware it does not protect FETs. The only way to protect FETs is with conformal coating

I actually just did that after cleaning the salt mess from the last couple days :yum: I last applied when I first got the motor

That’s all salt not dirt :point_up_2:


Damn did you ride in the salt flats or something? That’s a shit load of salt. And why the single drive? I see you have a pulley and clamp on the other side of ur truck and I thought ur zenith build was dual. Did a vesc fry?

Lol 2nd motor is ready and waiting, I’m still fine tuning single, when that is perfect to my liking the 2nd motor will get perm-installed :wink:

Also that’s just street salt after like 2 inches of snow lol

conformal coating my board needs be waterrestistant to point riding in heavy rain…ireland can lash at anytime

whats going to corrode? the stator is likely close to covered In epoxy and if it isn’t you could paint where it needs something but otherwise there’s noting to corrode. if you want to not short your motor from water the magnet wire wrapped around the stator is already insulated. you could coat the phase wires at their connections to the magnet wires but id use something that will truly seal an not a thin oil spray.

Bearings(outside casings), c clips, magnet retainer ring, shaft, set screws… Nothing major…

And sensors if you have sensors

But yes a 3phase motor is already electrically “water proof”

Also corrosion x is the best damn thin spray ever(I dip things). It forever forms a thin hydrophobic film which also prevents oxidation. It’s permanent til you wash the parts in a solvent. But I see you point with some things, use epoxy and prevent the moisture from even getting there…

with the exception of the vescs that have FETs you could dip or spray your batteries, wires, and well everything. And run your board under water if you wanted. Vescs would need an acrylic conformal coating followed by a dip in corrosion x to seal any micro gaps in the conformal coat.

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