Costco longboard

I just saw this longboard on Costco’s website. Do you think it would make a good board to build off of?"-Pintail-Longboard-Skateboard.product.100235249.html

Doubtful. I Googled it and it’s sold in box stores like target. My wife bought a $40 target penny board for our son. Looked nice but total junk. At least this this doesn’t have plastic trucks. You might be able to use the deck, it’s maple. The bearings and wheels are probably garbage. At least with Costco you can return it after riding it so maybe its worth trying it

That’s kinda what i was thinking. Just using the board and giving the trucks and wheels to goodwill. $55 seems reasonable for a longboard right? Also it seems like the reviews on that brand aren’t so bad. Maybe start with it and upgrade the trucks and wheels later?

I’ve motorized $15 dollar decks off eBay … it will be fine as long as you aren’t looking for performance.

There are much better deals than that.


It will be a great build if you throw away the bearings, deck, wheels, and the trucks.

Don’t forget the hardware as well…

I was hoping they couldnt mess that up.