Could anyone 3D print something for me?

Hey Guys,

The only 3D printer I have access to is a useless one in school that has the smallest printing area. I have not finalised the sketch (whatever you call it don’t know much about 3D printing) but I like to plan ahead so I need to know if I will be 3D printing the enclosure for my electronics or making it out of metal or wood :(. so I am asking if anyone in the UK (I live in Ireland so postage would be a lot from America) would be able to 3D print it for me (roughly 250mmx150mmx6mm) and could post it to me. I will pay for it Of course.

I don’t know if this will work or not I hope it does but it is worthwhile asking

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I could 3d print in Spain

You are after a big print bed however. 300x200

Ok, thank you, I will message you closer to the time? is that ok?

I might have a mould for something like that. 6mm thick though, that’s some thin electronics?

Well all it needs to house is 2 lipos, esc and a bms all are mainly thin circuit boards

Apart from lipos

Oh btw I haven’t even bought the parts yet so…