Country information about members as obligation

It happens every time when I’m reading in this forum, people post questions and it would be so nice to know where they come from before answering, it makes a big difference. Most members provide no information about the country where they are based. It would be a massive improvement if members would have to provide country information. Highly appreciated!


I almost agree. I want the “option” to post below your nick your location. Many times people post “Where do I buy X?” “I sell X” They forget often to comment where they are and that makes as you said a big difference.


Do you mean visible in any comments? For me it’s enough to see the country when clicking on the member name, you can change it in the preferences. When you click on my nick name you’ll see where I am based, on your nick I can’t see it :wink:


At endless sphere is visible all the time. Your idea to show it clicking on the nick is very good too. Both are ok.


I think of us as a international community… sounds like you want to segregate us?

Segregation would be to split the forum into different sections for the country of origin, he just says that it’s handy to roughly know where someone is from.

um… treat people different according to where they are from?

we do not have signatures either… there is some things Jason got right and he should get credit for…

While I don’t see this info being much in general information or support threads (other than perhaps in case you’re suggesting where to get a part for someone).

But in the market, this should be required. Many times, first reply in the market is “where are you located” :slight_smile:

Yes we are an international community and that’s great! I’m not talking about any segregation but would appreciate to see the location of a member by clicking the name.

Yes but in a positive way. Just as an example, if I see someone is located in US it often makes no sense to provide links from EU (e.g. from reliable vendors) and furthermore I can talk about mph, miles and dollars. If someone is from EU it’s kmh, kilometers and euros :wink:

And as @rojitor and @SilentException mentioned, it would be great for the esk8 market, too. It happened several times that I wrote members in the wanted items category because they have e.g. german or swedish names but it turned out they live in US. Due to different prices of some products in US, shipping costs and taxes nobody was interested anymore while in EU it’s a good deal.

Treating people different according to where they are from is still a conscious decsision to make imo, but this really isn’t the place to discuss those things on this level.

I agree, this would definitely benefit everyone involved.

Otherwise, i don’t really care much about location in general discussion. Maybe encourage filling in this information during the registration process or something but don’t force it.

Good Idea, encourage sounds better than to force it :laughing:

do not see it happening…

personal opnion

I support this being an “option” you can write your location or “somewhere in the universe” there is no need to make it mandatory. Look at the bright side of life folks. Segregation is an ugly word and we all love boards don’t we?

The only segregation should be: Are you a 220V/50Hz or a 110V/60Hz. And still , with an adaptator, it become use less.

Shipping also makes a HUGE difference if you’re buying or selling.

Half of the time I don’t even respond if they haven’t filled-out their profile (and by “profile” I mean “I want to know the country”)

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