Courier lost my battery!

So i sent my battery to get fixed and the courier says theyv not had tracking on it for 2 weeks that the label may have come off it. theyv taken a discription of it and are looking for it then i can set up a claim. how do i value it? i built it & put hours and hours into it. so pissed. this ever happen anyone?

The value is what the insurance was?

did you pay for the insurance? That’s what they will pay if they decide they are at fault.

As for the actual fair cost? Should be the average of other battery makers at your pack size

I asked if it was insured and if i could and they said it was and i asked if it was for the value of the product and he said it is ya that id set up a claim…

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You may count the materials for it (they’ll ask for receipts) ; Else I’m not saying that you could have a company to make a bill for your battery cause that’d be fraud. :v: