Covering FETs with tape?

Potentially stupid question here, but I just want to be sure. A while ago, I purchased two of the original ESCapes. I then purchased a dual ESCape case as I want to mount both of these together. I was told that I had to ensure that the FETs were covered with some type of tape. When I removed them from their original cases, there was a sticky type of tape covering some components. I presume these are the FETs?? Is this tape what I need, or do I need to replace it with something else? I’ve attached some pics to help with what I am trying to explain. Thanks in advance for helping me to clarify this. ESCape1ESCape2

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The white thing is there to transfer the heat from the FET to the aluminum housing for cooler running temp. Not sure what the blue stuff is at the capacitors though.

Blue stuff is tape… but with the plastic still on

Thanks. So this means that I don’t need to put any additional tape anywhere, and I can just pop these into the dual case?

Should be fine.

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