Crazy low price for RTR (under $300?)

I saw a you tube video on this product. Price is crazy low. Even their replacement part prices are super low. 10S battery for $100! I can’t build one for that. Here is a link. FYI I am not promoting this company and am not associated with them. Just sharing information.

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More of the same though. Theres how many others that are producing exactly the same board now, all roughly around the same price, using the same components.

I count 20 cells, so 10s2p. 20 cells x $5 per cell = $100. That’s a mild bulk order price too. Probably, they are still making some bucks on it.

I agree, prices are low, but you can get all of that from alibaba or other places for the same price. The reason they are low though is quality. A good wheel should cost around $10 per wheel to manufacture, and magnets are around $25 and Bell could be as cheap as $10 more. Add those up and I count $45 at cost, and they sell them for $40. So what does this mean? Lower quality magnets and lower quality urethane must be used. This basically tells you why the prices are so low.

All of these youtube reviews for these kind of boards are a joke. They basically lie to your face because they are either getting a kickback or are selling it themselves.

Now with that said, It’s not that these boards are a terrible choice, just know what you are getting into. There is a huge difference between a $300 board, a $1000, a $2000 board, and a $3000 board. These kinds of reviews confuse new riders who don’t know any better (which is most of the market). Everything for these people to sell is based on mis information and mis representing their product, which should be illegal in my mind. How many board companies claim to have the most power board now? I count at least 5 major brands, including boosted, lol.

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I agree with you but with so many company’s (large and small) getting into this space the prices will continue to fall. I was just thinking about some of these kids that complain on the forum about how they can’t afford to finish their projects. If I was a teenager and did not have a lot of cash, this would be a great way to go. Even if it broke after a few months you would already have something to ride and you could repair/replace the weaker components until you had a decent ride. Just an inexpensive way to get into the hobby.

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Plus $109.00 shipping to USA.

I’m sure this would last just about as long as a stinky fart. If you buy this, you buy twice…

Plus who wants an esk8 without 4 longboard wheels?


my brother owns this board. he says it rides quite nicely and their stats are legit. he compared riding quality to a boosted but with hubs. he’s only put like 50 miles on it and says his hubs are already making a noise. don’t think it’ll last very long.

Sometimes a stinky fart is all you can afford. I knew plenty of kids back in the day (high school) that would buy an old beater car for a few hundred bucks and fix it up. You had to learn how to work on it and fix it when it broke to keep it running. Good education in auto repair. I think they call it the school of hard knocks.

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That’s about what I put on my boards in 2 days…

Pomelo ‘Frefeeet Skateboard’ is also selling a nice board (even separate components if you wish to build a custom board) for the same price range. So there you go. Many companies are selling now the same thing at the same prices with the same old chinese components you can also get from Alibaba, with Pomelo offering a little bit more than Verreal, and even threatening migthy Boosted Board market niche.

pomelos significantly more expensive

Yeah, but you don’t have to buy the whole thing… just the parts of Pomelo that you like. With Verreal you need to get the whole board and try. Pomelo grasps Boosted, Verreal still plowing sand at the playground.

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Verreal tag price is $275… ($335 when shipped) Pomelo tag price is $587… ($647 when shipped) Boosted tag price is $1400… ($1525 with taxes)

You got the ball… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i dont want any of dat shit doh. haha

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Less than 4 longboard wheels is a no-go.

How you can even compare that to Boosted, which uses 4 longboard wheels, is beyond me. They aren’t even the same thing.

Two of those are cheap hub motor crap and the other is a nice electric longboard with 4 longboard wheels.

The range Brian. Boosted with all its whistles just manage to get 10 miles out of the juice. Too little for so much buck… after so many yearsss out there.

Yes, but it will go ten miles many, many, many, many, many more times. Those other ones will probably fall apart after I used them for a week. Certainly can’t rely on them to get me to work on time…