[crazy stuff] Get out of my way!

I put a button connected to an alarm in the front of the longboard :joy:


Genius idea dude!! Although personally I’d like this as a button on my remote so I can get to it way faster without having to adjust my feet. This has actually given my an idea :slight_smile: gonna glue a rape alarm to my GT2B remote near where my thumb rests n see how/if that works!!

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@miquelcamps @Alexander remember that when you ride around you’re an ambassador for esk8, and if you scare people or disturb the peace too much you’ll create a bad rep for all of us.

I can see the benefit of the noisemakers in traffic if needed to alert cars, but I hope you’ll use these devices of intense annoyance sparingly around the walking crowds :wink:


I like the idea in theory, but I think it’s a bit much for all but the most extreme situations.

I’d be happy with a little 2nd channel horn that says “Meep, meep” in the roadrunner’s voice.

Now I want to do that. Lol


Way too loud dude. You’re gonna give some old lady a heart attack. :smiley: