Creating an EU Market

Hi there.

I thought that it would be great to have a EU market place where people inside the European Union is able to trade / sell / buy. What do you guys think? Please let me know if there’s anyone besides me that likes the idea :smile:


Great idea! We are looking for 2 motor mounting kits !! :smiley:

I would agree…it so tough helping our EU brothers (edit: and sisters!

Great idea.

Great idea, i just paid an extra 50 bucks for importing my VESC’s from the states. So more stuff inside the EU, the better!

This site has some items. Bought my VESC from them.

interesting different names same site I was just going to post the line below :grinning: “And there is as a provider of esk8 parts in the”

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Thanks for all the suggestions! Both webshops seems fairly unproffesional though. It is mainlythe layout of the site I dislike, but that is enough for me to stay away… It is also fairly expensive compaired to US resellers… is run by @elkick. He contributes a lot to the esk8 community, Maybe if you read some of his posts you get convinced that his work is top notch. :slight_smile:

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I will check him out! :slight_smile: I will probably tell him to build a new website as well :smiley:


I am also from Europe. so any offers are welcome… right now Im looking for the wheel sprocket for a mountainboard build… Does anyone have any ideas/ sources where to get one? Something around 60 - 64 teeth would be great.

These guys did me a pulley not long back. If you need something bespoke they seem pretty good.

Do you know at what price do they ship to EU? I think I found what I needed there, so big thanks! I hope that the shipping cost is not way bigger than the item itself…

Sorry, no idea about their shipping. Possibly worth shooting them an email.

Ok got it anyways… For me it would cost 15gbp to ship, when the 64t pulley costs 13.5gbp… So I will remember this option, if everything else fails.

This is why we need a EU seller! :smiley:

Alright ladies and gents…heres the deal

  1. Im american and live in spain
  2. i go stateside regularly twice a year at least.
  3. i would be happy to sluff e-skate parts back and forth as checked luggage and then ship them out as need- this would help everyone avoid import tax and reduce shipping costs…spain to EU.
  4. checked baggage costs money as do parts so i would need payment ( part, US shipping, EU shipping and 5 euros per 75euro of part…NO Batteries) prior to August - items would be mailed out from spain in Sept.
  5. Let me know what you need, I may get some extras.

That sounds great! I might do that in the future!

I’m up for a EU market! I emailed Enertion about EU sales but did not get a reply yet :frowning:

Selling some stuff in addition to the carryback offer