Creating my own GT Bamboo

Hi there! I’m new and very inexperienced about building my own skate, I got a ready to ride at first and now I wanna upgrade, I found an Evolve bamboo gt deck with the gt trucks for cheap, and I wanna buy it to make my own… but I don’t know pretty much anything about matching the several components. So this is my plan but I’m eager to know more from people who knows more! I want to use a double VESC setup with 50mm motors (or is anyone has info of using a 63mm on these trucks even better), for the battery I have to wait until I see how much place I got in the battery case… but my problem is I don’t know exactly which electrical components do I still need, surely the remote and I reckon the power on/off button… do I miss anything?

It is doable, but first you should read more, we wont shout all the informations on you, just use the search button and read a little…

This is a little bit older post, but still a good start

Sorry for being negattive…I hope you get what I mean…

hi Davide,

check here to get some ideas :wink:

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Yep, no need for apologize, I just thought someone aready did that and could help me for the double kingpin, I don’t find anything… anyway thank you for the old post, I a good starting point!!:slight_smile:

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