Curious on the latest batch of enertion raptors

Hey been doing some research between building and buying an electric skateboard lately. Really considering the enertion raptor. Wondering how reliable that end of September ship date is as well as any rumors that might be circling around it. Thanks in advance.

@onloop is your best bet. Realistically, in the past there have been times where the raptor has been delayed by quite a bit, so that’s something to keep an eye out for.

I am out skating my first-batch Raptor this evening; just paused for a coffee… All I can say is that this thing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!

It took forever to arrive, and has had its share of first-batch problems. But it’s all open-source and easy to repair and improve. It was worth the wait!


I’m pretty realistic about delays and have emailed them asking their most up to date expectations. I’ve been met with responses but kinda vauge.

Jason, if you read this, any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoyed all your YouTube videos. Helped me learn a lot going down this path the last couple of months

Your timing is great as Enertion now has all the parts necessary in stock to build Raptors. Any wait times will be considerably less than previous Raptor orders. And they’ve hired full time customer service staff so your enquiries will be dealt with swiftly.

How are they doing on vesc and boards? I’ve heard him mention that being an issue in the past.

Ordered my Raptor August 21. Received September 8th. Minus battery, vesc and wireless controller. Put it together watching Jason’s video one morning before work. It was fun and easy. Quality components so far.


Awesome thanks man!

That’s really interesting. I ordered mine August 21 as well, but my account still says awaiting shipment and I haven’t received any of the other parts that are shipped separately.

Are you in Australia? I’m located in California so that may be the cause of a bit of delay, which I totally understand.

Oh well. This post gives me hope! Can’t wait!

I live just north of miami, florida. hang in there!

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I ended up putting an order in just before my post. I’ll update when I get it. I think the additional help will make it a reasonable turn around.

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Ordered my Raptor Dual on July 23rd. Received the battery about a month ago. Haven’t received the board or controller yet.

I’m in the USA.

Controllers arrive tomorrow according to the Enertion web site. Maybe that’s the hold up.

Seems unfair that somebody who ordered a month after me would get their board first if we’re both in the same country.

At any rate, the 12 month warranty better start when I receive this thing and not when I ordered it…

Oh, what was also weird was that when I placed my order - and it’s on the confirmation email I received - it said “shipping late August”. Now in my account through their website it says “shipping late September”. So, they changed it after I ordered.

I’m being patient because I’ve been following this forum and know how most people have waited about 3 months, but it’s frustrating when somebody ordered a month after me and has already had their board for a couple weeks and mine hasn’t even shipped, and that the estimated shipping ‘month’ got quietly pushed back a month without notifying me.

Did you order a complete or just the Raptor components? As I believe the person you’re referring too built it himself which obviously doesn’t require the extra delay for Enertion to build/test it etc. Also they build them in batches of 20 so maybe you would have been board 21 and are included in the following build. There’s also the possibility another US client cancelled their order after theirs shipped before taking receipt and Enertion diverted it to the next nearest customer to avoid shipping/taxes whatever. So there’s a few scenarios that could be at play, all that’s important really tho is that yours will arrive shortly. I ordered mine on the 16th July and only got it on Friday, so you seem about right on track for it to arrive imminently. I wouldn’t give them too much grief over shipping, I’m sure it often doesn’t insensitive them (I know it wouldn’t me if I was working my ass off). Also after this previous batch had at least one Raptor with a remote connection issue it’s best they have all the time they need to ensure each Raptor is fully tested and working 100% prior to shipment. I got my board but I’m now not using it till my new remote system arrives, so if they’re waiting for the new remotes to arrive I wouldn’t pressure them to send you one with the old (questionable) “winning” remote system. Have faith dude. Enertion rock and you’ll have it no doubt very soon. I know that feeling tho trust :slight_smile: How many times have you watched each Raptor YouTube video by now lol?

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but you have your battery and I don’t… six of one…

It’s all good! That would make sense if the other dude bought parts; I bought a complete Raptor.

As you said, I would much rather continue waiting if it means they’re improving the product! When I placed my order, I was prepared to wait 2-3 months. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter and totally agree with you. I was just curious what was going on and I think you nailed it - thanks man!

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Just got my battery today…hope the raptor and nano x arent far behind @onloop :slight_smile:

Looks like the Nano x is going to take a bit more time before delivery due to some last minute quality control changes and testing. I think it’s a good move by Enertion. In the mean time, (just a thought) I ordered two HK GT2B from Amazon. I also ordered two Master Cho GT2B MOD from ESK8. I remembered LHB post about being careful not to have things that look like firearms in your hands to not confuse police officers. So I ordered one in orange and one in green.

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