Custom 10S3P for Raptor

Hey gang,

So while I continue to love and adore my 1st generation Raptor, the SPACE Cell and I have felt awkward with each other from the start, with regular quibbles and squawbles, and it’s developed to become a tumultuous, acrimonious relationship. I had troubles with a nickel strip breaking, and then a problem with the BMS LVC cutting power when the pack was still at 32 volts or so, then later the charge meter reading volts instead of percent, then magically healing, and then a spot weld failing (bought a spot welder and fixed it). And now the latest is that it only charges to a claimed 69% or so. I haven’t checked voltage yet, so it might just be the meter smoking crack again. But still…

Pretty much everything about the Raptor is open-source and documented widely for straightforward improvement and repair, except the SPACE Cell. So well, I’m thinking the time may have come to replace that with my own pack. I’ll still go 10S3P, but do it all myself, with a better BMS and higher build quality.

The two big questions in my mind are, which BMS is the best choice, and which cells? I’m thinking of the Battery Supports 60A BMS and Samsung 25R cells. Good idea? Are there better choices available?

What else should I be thinking about? Non-spark power switch, is that an issue?

I’m thinking of using the meter from the SPACE Cell, but would appreciate hearing about other options.

Thanks! I love my Raptor; just want to divorce the SPACE Cell!

Sadly I can’t answer your questions, but I’m also planning on building a 10s3p pack, and I’m also curious about what cells people would recommend. Is a 3p Samsung 25R pack going to be able to provide enough current?

Just go with the sam 18650 25r , cant beat the price and the discharge rate

Cant help you with a divorce, but can help with another lover if you can handle another space cell. Maybe you have had issues with the one you have. Ive got one in my Rapror ans a spare Im selling and they work fine. Always charge to 100% no issues.

Thanks, folks. I’m off to buy some Samsung 25R’s now. @Dedbny, sorry, but divorce is where I’m at. Don’t mean to be harsh and xenophobic, but well, now that I’ve got this spot welder and a deal on cells and hopefully a better BMS, I can’t resist DIYing my new baby. I’m tired of not being able to adequately diagnose and fix stuff, and the SPACE Cell is closed technology that can’t be easily shipped for warranty repair.


Thanks again… “Hold my beer and watch this!”