Custom 18650 current

Hello guys. Im building a 10s5p 18650 battery pack for the DIY experience. I don’t have spotwelder but I found LG he2 from with nickel tabs spotwelded on them, thinking; perfect. But did i fuck up? These nickel tabs are only 7mm x 0.12mm Damnit it Is there a consensus about nickel strips current capability? I know the book DIY lithium batteries and the thread on endless sphere both say 7A for 7mm x 0.15mm. But that seems very low?

Reason I went 5p is because I want them to last and I want the option to go dual motor later(TB 6355 with TB vesc).

Here is a pic of the tags

My problem is: 1 No spotwelder. 2 Too weak tags. 3 Rather not solder on cells.

How can I solve this? What are my options? Any help is deeply appreciated.

Maybe use the tags for pararell connections and solder one copperwire to each cell for serial connections. Im concerned about the heat. DIY Spotwelder and buy more nickel to double up? Seems like alot of work and money :frowning: But then again I got all winter. How have others solved this? Yes I used search function and read alot. Thank you

i use 10mm wide .2mm thick pure nickel on all the packs i build. The welder isn’t fond of me either. lol

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I wonder what voltage their calculations are based on