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I am able to do concaves and drop downs

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Can you make integrated enclosure?

Yeah goods is perfectly fine, the added extra will just get added on, it would only be a couple pounds more. Yeah I am able to make any deck required.

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I would be able to make a recess in it. only around like 6mm though.

Would you be able to replicate this: deck shape? :slight_smile:

Potentially, i’d Have to test it. But at that price on that site, if people wanted that design they may as well buy on there @Mich21050

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I want to see what these decks look like. How are you wrapping your decks like what type of epoxy you using?

image image image

From a 2017 thread


I don’t plan on using carbon fibre material and epoxy until I’ve sold a few boards. For now, I am just going to wrap the underside of the boards in the vinyl and keep the edges exposed showing the wood :slight_smile:

Haha I remember that deck, my very first attempt and I thought I had made something amazing, looking back, absolute shit

Ok so its just a vinyl wrap. Is that that same deck in the pictures because the 2 have a drop but the complete doesn’t look like it.

Yeah In those photos above, they are the exact same deck in all 3 @briman05

I thought exactly the same. Ok @Charster10 thanks. I was more thinking about a thicker board with integrated enclosure.

I am able to make a thicker board, but the concave etc would have to be less and would have a be a slightly more flat deck @Netoa

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Thanks a lot! Like @artSkate did in this video for example:

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@AlanZhou @briman05

I have some spuds around. This black one is shipping out tomorrow to get built out by @hyperIon1 for @anon64938381.

The gold one I just drilled the mounting holes and sanded the surface and any glass frit sharp points, just gotta paint the bottom white and final clear coat. That one I am going to put up for sale soon when it is done (pm if interested :wink:).

The other one… someone attacked with a a drill bit while trippin on mushrooms… :joy::joy::joy:. I kid, I kid… I need to fill up the holes and then I am going to do something cool with it and list it probably. Spuds are a fun platform to work on.

20190418_152008 20190418_152055 20190418_151944

Sorry about the shit lighting. They are actually really cool!

Thinking about this enclosure for the gold spud, though it is a little big for it and gets into the wheel well space. Which isn’t too big a deal of course. But, you know.


But this enclosure also looks sweet on this “High Seas” pintail I am wrapping up.

20190418_153308 20190418_153420


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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you build enclsoures?

I heard it was @mmaner.


what did I tell you about drilling and shrooms. its supposed to be plowing and shrooms not drilling and shrooms.