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I haven’t been active for so long on here and i’m looking to proceed with building a new board, I’m going to be building myself a new deck, and thought why not sell some if I’m building a few.

I use a press to make them.

The material I will use is Baltic birch plywood.

I will use gorilla wood glue.

To cut the wood out I use a jigsaw and sand it all loads after and can apply a clear coat if needed or I can stain the wood a different colour or I can paint the wood any colour.

I can also make a recess for battery packs, esc’s etc.

I won’t have photographs of the process until I build another deck.

Like I said, any shape is do-able and I am also offering a FREE Carbon fibre underside wrap for the first 10 customers that want it. And I will be making full carbon fibre boards in the future as well if requested.

Pricing -

  • Around £45 per deck
  • £10 extra for the carbon wrap (first 10 Free)
  • Eu shipping is super cheap, around £7

Thanks all.

P.S. A website is on the way.


Awesome! Got any teaser photos for us? :wink:


Yeah great project :slight_smile:

Nothing yet. Currently on holiday, back on Sunday. I’ll start building my deck then upload some when it’s done :slight_smile:

For 50£ thats a real bargain!

But could you make them a bit thicker since Im on the heavier side

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Yea and can you show picture of your process? I like seeing how my deck are pressed before I buy them!

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Uh ohhhhh

They may be a little More than 1.3, maybe around 1.7.

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That buyer got me in shit, he received his deck in the end, it got lost in the post and took ages to arrive as it was an international shipment. I sold many decks in the past and everyone who bought can vouch for me @moon @venom121212


Buyers are free to pay via goods&services on PayPal if they want


Yeah I can do that bro.

@Charster10 say I want a 2 inch drop and a W concave. You’re saying you can do that?

If advertising on the forum, prices must be advertising with Goods and Services prices. I HIGHLY advise that everyone uses this for transactions regardless of the purchase.


I am craving a jet spud wrapped in carbon right now…

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How can you do this at


Maybe I am wrong but if you buy already 1.7cm wood sheet mean that you CNA only cut the other shape? Am I right? Or can you also do drop down ecc…?

Birch is cheaper than maple a lot of guys on the fish used baltic birch when they were first starting to build boards. Once you go maple you never go back.

I think @sender may have one in the picture he posted with the shit ton of boards he has.

Huh lol. :laughing:

Think he has two. He also has another blank spud coming his way from me. Not sure what his plans are for it @AlanZhou

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