Custom Board build questions/compatable

This is my first post and I do not know what to really expect from here, but I am looking at making a custom board and want to know if anyone knows if this build is compatible. I do not know what the board (Like the bamboo or carbon part) is going to be but this is what I plan on using and if someone can help, much appreciated.

-2x flipsky BLDC belt motor battle-hardened 6374 140kv 3500W

-chibattery custom 21700 12s9p

-stormcore 60D

-Flipsky vx2

-ownboard trucks on rear -Evolve trucks on front.

I do not know if this will work. From what I have seen it will.

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Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately none of your components are compatible and you will need to send them to me. :slightly_smiling_face::metal:

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Ha, everything but the trucks look good.

Will do! :joy:

Do you have the parts already?

And your board, you have vac press or how you planning on making the deck?

I was looking at the boundmotor deck. Its a bit pricey for some reason but looks nice. I do not have the parts yet. I am on here trying to see if they all work together. Because thats a good bit of money to spend if its not going to work.


Are you in the america of states,?

Yea in Tennesse

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Right on. Any particular reason you are going with these parts?

This guy named ricky “average esk8 reviews made on with a similar build. The difference is I am getting a batter battery and Esc. I want to know if I will have problems with the 12s9p battery size.

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Better* and the amps are higher so I was thinking to get a more power ESC than what he had so I was thinking about the stormcore 60D.

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I’m a newbie so I don’t know it that well, but I don’t see the gearbox. I now compose Flipsky vs Trampa open belt. I had to turn and grind … Although the axis is 8mm, from the motor is 1cm axis 10mm, then 8mm. He had to turn 5mm. Then the bearing from Trampa is 7.86mm - Flipsky axis 7.96mm. It can be pressed, but I don’t know how to take it off in the future, that’s why I had to sand 0.1 mm with sandpaper … My English is terrible, maybe it can be seen from the photos. It’s a little more work, but I enjoy it.)

Yea I knew that. I just do not know if the whole build will complement each other. Like if it will all work.

Which one do you say you like better?