Custom boards UK and EU

Hey guys,

Who sells custom and pre-built boards within the EU (to avoid the crazy import costs and Tax)

While in the UK we can get the following; boosted stealth for £1500 from skatehut or the bamboo GT street for £1180 from skatehut the Lacroix DSS60 for about £2600 once shipping and Tax included a Kaly.NYC if you can get one would be around £2500-£3000 imported I dont like the metroboard design (high deck, very low motor mounts, diagonal motors)

So i have tried to compile a list of current UK and EU builders of DIY Custom baords. Please add any that i have not found or appear to be a quality product.

Personally im looking for a dual 6374 with a 12s4p on a landyatch deck or similar dropdeck.

feel free to add urls and suggestions

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What has been seen, can be unseen.


Maybe the Bioboards builds from @mackann should be on this list as well. A few weeks till they’ll be up for sale I believe.

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Saw it for literally half a second hahaha

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for sure it should that is on my list of prebuild custom boards… i dont know why i didnt post it… AHHH it is there just it only came up as a URL

thanks for the help its a good board


feel free to buy one and let me know how long before it falls apart

Trampaboards , UK based.


Look @ that majestic plug lol

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Hey Trampa,

Honestly the only thing that has made me discount these is that the boards are not sold complete.

And for some crazy reason you dont offer a streetcarver/urban carver with an underdeck battery and ESC enclosure. Is this something you might offer at some point?

He sells underboard battery trays. Or as min one.

And you can find here many others which can make you an enclosure for the carve deck too.

Ah, and it helps to tag @trampa because if no he will probably don’t see it :wink:

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if im not mistaken they are rigid trays for the longboards and not the carver boards.

But I know im not the only person who would prefer to buy prebuilt and if a company is giving me a half built board i might as well go full DIY and save $500

I love the Streetcarver but i want one prebuilt with an underbaord tray which is why i have not included trampa (as amazing as the products are)

Probably yes. I’m not so convinced about the currently available solutions so we bang on something smarter.

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You can make this tray flexy by adding cuts. Frank wrote a how todo here. But they don’t do batteries, so you would need to take that part into your own hand or buy from somebody else.

something like that.

IMG_4374 IMG_4373


I might be able to help you out. I do a range of enclosures for the landyachtz decks and others. I have the hummie decks on their way and do a range of different enclosures for them too.


We will have a dual 6374 board with 12s4p on this 36 landyachtz deck for sale soon with Unity and gear drive (i saw first post you was asking for this) IMG_20181204_185729 IMG_20181204_185721 IMG_20181204_185850 IMG_20181204_185828


that is a seriously seriously nice board… Im 6’1 100kg so might be a little small for me. when will the website webstore be ready to to sell from?

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yes mate people wont stop mentioning your enclosures. The work looks absolutely top quality!!! As your well aware im still between pre-built and DIY so im gonna change my mind several times over the coming couple of months.

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100kg is no problem for that board, but maby you want bigger, but I have my friend that is 194cm long tried it and he loves it. Between it will have a enclosure from @bigben :grin: Check the site now, there is a countdown for the release and you can sign up to the newsletter

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