Custom Boosted Stealth, Boosted Vanguard Enclosures, 2 Focboxes, 2 Pairs Caliber 2 Trucks, Torqueboards 6355 motors/motor mounts, and more!

I have a quite a few items I am looking to sell ASAP. Here is a list of the items with the price, make me an offer though. I will include pics at the bottom after the items listed:

1.) Custom Boosted Stealth Complete upgraded with vanguard deck, Extended range batteries, and the purple Caguamas. I am also including the stock boosted stealth wheels. Runs like a champ and has about 47 miles on it which means it was not rode much. The board cost me over 2,000$ when all was said and done but I am only looking to get $800 plus shipping.

2.) Used Caliber 2 trucks. They are white and though they look very used they have no issues with the functionality. $20 plus shipping.

3.) Lightly Used Caliber 2 trucks. They are white as well. Only used for a few miles. $30 plus shpping.

4.) 2 Focbox’s. Both Used but both work fine when I switched them out for a focbox unity on my last build. $150 for both plus shipping.

5.) Boosted Vanguard Custom Enclosures. Never been used but have some minor scratches and blemishes from being moved around in my garage quite a bit. $75 plus shipping.

6.) Ownboard Vanguard style enclosures. Used. $50 plus shipping.

7.) Torqueboards 6355 motors with torqueboards motor mount kit. Used but work like new. Top speed of around or close to 30mph depending on the battery setup you have. $150 plus shipping.


@PixelatedPolyeurthan ?

Would have loved to get these 1.7 focboxes but I assume you are in the USA?
I guess shipping to europe is just not worth it…

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I am in the US and I could ship to Europe. I don’t think it would be too expensive as they are pretty light.


I am in the USA, interested in the focboxes and drivetrain. PMd

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Thanks @Stan8 stan for reserving them for me. I am definitely interested in them.

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@Tyler93245 this is war. I was asleep 7h ago.


Sleep? Rookie move.


I’m interested in the fiberglass vanguard enclosure

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The Vanguard enclosures are still availble.

***Don’t miss out on the Boosted board, seriously

***Sorry forgot to mention the torque board motor mount and hardware is sold as well. The 6355 motors are still available though.

Im interested in the boosted but why is the motor cover missing on the board? Also is it possible to ship to Ontario, Canada.

Curious, any reason you’re selling it?

Is number 5 still available?

I could use the motors

Are the motors still available?

Are the cheaper trucks still available? And just wondering where you are located? I’m in PA.

Focbox? both available?

in got 600 for the deck id give you more but i don’t have it ill pay for shipping 4148819687 [email protected]

Are either of the caliber truck sets still available?