Custom Build: Arbor 41", Torque Parts, 12s2p, Dual 6355, 97mm Fly

1200 plus Shipping (US Only) 41" Arbor Deck Matt McCrary Build Torqueboard drive system TB 218mm. Dual 6355 Torqueboard motors. 12s2p Torqueboard batt 16:40 Torqueboard Gearing 15mm TB belts 97mm Flywheels, 75A, Virtually new. Benchwheel remote Torqueboard Dual Vesc Shred Lights Excellent condition. Perfect mechanical order. Some cosmetic wear on motor from rubbing into an accessory I had too close but no effect on performance or durability. Selling because where I live in Brooklyn, traffic is too nuts for this ride. It deserves better. It will hit about 33-34mph with current 16:40 gearing.16:36 will get you 37mph. Also, with the Flywheels Arbor combo it’s super stable. You’ll get past 20mph and still think you’re in slow mode.


That’s very pretty :heart_eyes:

Here it is going 37mph with 16:36 gearing.

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looks cool… im searching for a first build. price on this one??

What range do you average?

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No idea on the bolts. I didn’t build it. Matt McCrary did. My guess is virtually all hardware comes from Torqueboard

I average anywhere from 12-15 miles depending on terrain and speed. Batt is 12s2p from Torqueboard

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What is the price?

1200 plus 60 shipping (US)

Are you willing to part out?

Not yet. Still trying to sell complete.

Still looking not to partout?

you Shipping only us Not too Germany