Custom Build/Custom Deck/6374 -192/tsky 120a ESC/90mm wheels/ Paris trucks/ Floureon 14.8v 35C

Hello all. I built a custom board with a 6374-192 SK3, running on 90MM wheels, using a Flourean 14.8V 35c 4500MAh battery. I get about 12MPH.

I’m looking to get about 20MPH and want to know how to program better. There is a little lag on getting to speed and while at speed if I let off the throttle takes a bit (about 5-10 seconds to kick in)

Don’t know my gearing but my belt is HTD 270-5M

What are my options? I.E running two batteries? Just one battery but higher C, voltage? different gearing?

Also, what is the formula to figure out how far I can go?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Increasing the voltage will make your speed increase, but there are multiple variables at play.

You can learn more about drive train design here: Beginners Guide to building your own Electric Skateboard Drivetrain

Or maybe just use a calculator to work it out: