Custom build for sale: Landyachtz Evo AT build with 12s5p etc

I’m selling my board. Will only sell locally. I’m in Milwaukee, WI. Nothing wrong with it. I have probably over $2000 into it… Used it a lot last summer and that’s it… will negotiate cash offer… you can obviously try before you buy… inbox me if interested… thanks!

Here is some of the parts

Custom Evolve Unik Motor mounts for 63xx motors

Evolve rear and front trucks

Evolve All terrain tires, etc… and I have 3 or 4 brand new tires I think I’ll have to look

Landyachtz evo deck

Enertion FocBox motor controllers m

2 Maytech motors 6365 170kv

Enertion Nano-X controller

12s5p 18650 30q Samsung Battery Pack (purchased from psychotiller)

image image image


Is everything still available?

Yes also it has a nano x controller. Are you local?

I’m sorry, I must have missed the local sale only part