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Custom controller with OLED


I’m going to build my own controller soon. Still have to decide on parts for the final build. I made a little 3D model on how it will look tho. I like a remote that has some weight to it, so it will most likely be made of 2mm aluminium.

On the top will be a display that will show:

  • Controller battery
  • Board battery
  • Speed

Maybe also some small things like data/time. I will either use a flexible oled screen to curve it with the shape of the remote or i will use a flat LCD with a piece of protective glass on top that will protect it.


It will basically look like a smaller/compact version of one of those infrared scanner.

Like this one

I was also considering to make a Badwolf GT2B Casemod and make it from aluminium. And in the roundish part of the controller put a round LCD to display speed, battery, etc.

I will try to keep this post up to date when parts arrive and when i start building it. What do you guys think about it ?


I love it! I think it is great that you are making a new design since there are so much more we can do with a remote to make our experience better! It will be very nice to have a screen with speed info etc. The aluminum part sounds VERY nice as well! It might be a bit expensive though? I don’t know - it is probably worth it!
This might become the Ferrari og eSk8 remotes!

Yes, a bit expensive but not to bad. I’m on $60 right now with parts now. Think i will be between $80-$100 on the final product.

The aluminium case will either be made slowly on my x-carve or i will form it with a sheet and anvil.

One thing i know for sure that i will make the color antraciet brushed aluminium.

That sounds great! The cost is not too bad! I would definetly give it a try when it is ready! Keep this thread updated. I am sure that many people will find this interesting!

You will have all the electronics wrapped up right? You don’t want any of the electronics touching the aluminium.

Should have said that in the main post, but i will coat the inside with plasti dip or some rubber padding

Nice idea. Shoud look awesome.

How do you brake with this kind of trigger? :slight_smile:

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pull trigger, accelerate, let go, brake

I think it would he unsafe to use this type of trigger also. You cannot control how hard to brake if you need to stop quickly. The remote itself sounds fantastic! Please keep the thread up to date! Maybe also think about the trigger, and maybe use something like the gt2b, so u can control both forward and brake…

Kinda looks like a dildo lol
Nah but good luck on this project hope it comes out well :slight_smile:

@Chris_KP Lol. I didn’t want to be the first to say it, but that was my first thought. I like the concept though. I really like what Evolve has done with their remote as far as real time data is concerned, this looks like it has good potential to cover some of those bases.

At least it doesn’t look like a gun.

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I really like the idea and look of this but has to agree with @Mobutusan on the trigger. You need to control braking accurately. Can’t wait to see your finished product. Good luck.

I knew someone would comment that. Had the same mindset after i was making the edges round. I was like: “Hey this doesn’t look right, people will think i’m longboarding with a adult toy”. Haha

For the braking i’m not sure yet, wanted to go with:
Press accelerate
Release slowly braking.

Have to see what’s best. Maybe i will make it alternate.

So when you press it you accelerate but when you release it and press again it will brake. And when you release that again and press it will accelerate again, etc.
Have to see how i’m doing that

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On some occasions I let the trigger on my current board loose (so it goes to neutral) to loose a bit of speed without actually breaking. When there is actually something dangerous going on I’ll brake obviously…

but being able to just let it coast a bit makes for a nice ride where you can easily adjust to traffic in front of you slowing down. Your trigger would not make that possible (it’s either power or brake). Like others stated, maybe reconsider :slight_smile:

btw ‘Dutch’ you live in Utrecht?