Custom deck 30" enertion wheels trucks motor vesc 2x 5000mah 3s

Hi there This is my very first e board build I am using a small deck so it is easy to take on the tube in to london and I’m stuck with ideas for cases for battery’s and vesc

It’s as cheap or expensive/time consuming as you want it to be. Search for enclosure, mount, or read the build threads for ideas. I did a mock up on a 30" with kicktail and I was popping wheelies, be careful!

Here you go! enclosure shop… lol

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Don’t worry I have the trucks right at the edge with no kicktail

Cheers but what is a good DIY option

There are some nice tupperware builds here and its 100% DIY :smiley: sells abs enclosures, or just google ‘‘abs sheet’’ and make your own. You can cover it into carbon afterwards:P don’t forget Lego

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Yeah I think I’ll do that and I might see if I can use the vacuum former at school

Take a look at your batterys ‘‘C rate’’, should be at least 20C in my opinion on a 6S5Ah battery.

I was going to use 2 of these®+11.1V+5500mAh+3S&dpPl=1&dpID=415Zm6xLeDL&ref=plSrch

They say 35C

Yeah so it’s good ?

Well I had the same issue, but I did not have access to a vacuum former. I bought a sheet of plastic and heat it in the oven und used a harder kind of stirofoam as a negative and laid the heated plastic sheet over it and formed it using gloves. It turned out better as I accepted, but there are some small curves on the edges, but other than that, it is a very easy and fast way to make a custom enclosure :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips I will buy some abs and look around the house for some tupplewere boxes

I hooked it up to a little 3s today and it was enough power to get me down my drive nothing compared to my evolve but it was fun on a little board

Also I made an enclosure out of abs today and it works great I just need to save up and do some jobs and then buy some batteries

I have a few steephills around my house and I am aiming for about 7-8 km and i weigh 50kg so will 6s 5000mah be enough

Don’t know if anybody is following this but ok here goes

I have ordered the battery’s and painted the battery case when the batteries come I am done

mounted vesc just waiting for batteries finished controller (just cut off the bottom and put a 1s lipo in the grip underside of deck I originally had the idea of routing out a place for the vesc but now I’m going with the case what the case looks like mounted. I will give it another coat of paint to hide all those scuff marks.

Just can’t wait for my batteries to arrive and then go out shredding

Could anyone give me a rough estimate on range

I weigh 50kg and it is 6s 5000mah

Since that comes out to 111 watthours, seems like your max range is about 5-6 miles.


I got a similar deck too, great choice.