Custom DIY ESK8 Community T Shirts UPDATED!

Hello Everyone, As inspired by the folks at Marvle Board, me and some of the other ESK8 members have decided to launch a Tee Shirt Campaign,

I would appreciate it if you bought something, you can buy shirts, hoodies, or stickers. If you don’t want to, I don’t really care. Profit generated will go towards a giveaway for the ESK8 Community.

Here’s the link:

I think you need a better line… Good luck though :slight_smile:

You could do without the bottom line

“DIY ESK8” in big crisp letters is a much better shirt IMO. That font isn’t professional, it is too wordy, and it is unnecessarily aggressive.

Think that we need to be encouraging esk8 as a whole. A rising tide lifts all ships… So how about something big & bold but simpler so it’s more memorable like: #nopushing #esk8


Then eh people see it it’s a hashtag that can work across mediums like Insta & Twtr.

My 2p

I actually think “skate :zap: electric” sounds much better than “esk8”.

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10 char

updated. 10 chars

You can also Buy this forum official Shirt. GOOD LUCK

Honestly, I fully support that, I was just looking to make a custom shirt for the community, cheaply, and any profit gained would be put back into the community. But I would encourage anyone who wants to go buy the official forum shirt.

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Well, I don’t heard of someone who had buy the official shirt, so I just done a shameless plug for @onloop… But you should put your in a package with the one from people who survive the great eSk8 Crash of 2016. :smile:

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:joy::joy::joy: That’s hilarious.

I just broke into a cold sweat thinking of The Crash. It’s just too soon to be bringing that topic up in any sort of humorous tone. I personally as well as many others on the forum find it offensive.

Not cool


Maybe just drop the text all together and make the lcd on the enclosure a battery level indicator. Or perhaps a power cable coming off the board?

Looks better :wink:

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