Custom e-board deck -

Okay so very new to any type of boarding but I’m looking to build my own e-board in the next few months. I figure if I’m going to be making this thing myself, I might as well go all out and make my own deck too. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I’ve come to the conclusion that I should build my deck out of baltic birch. I still, however, have some questions.

  1. I see a lot of people pressing a bunch of smaller pieces of plywood together. I also see a lot who use a single piece of plywood. Which of these is preferred for an e-board? Is there a reason that people press a bunch of smaller pieces of plywood?

  2. What size should my deck be? Is there a preferred length or shape?

  3. Should I make the deck with any bow in the deck or is it best to have it straight?

  4. Lastly, would it be smart to leave an indentation in the bottom of the board for electronics or predrill holes?

Thanks for all your help. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions.

I would say that you need a long wheelbase to fit your electronics. That’s a difference between some regular boards and eskate boards.

Although you can have a long wheelbase and a somewhat short deck so you can choose what length you want.

probably worth it to find out what you like before you invest a lot of work and money into things.

for example I started with downhill decks and worked my way towards flexy carvers for the perfect energy returns when you switch sides. finally, after 4 builds with various boards, I pressed my first deck myself because I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and how to get it. :slight_smile:

probably it helps to know for starters what kind of things you want to do with your board. I see many videos of people just going straight which I just dont get for example. the only reason to ride a board is carving in my books :grin:

As of now, I can see myself using an e-board to commute to and from school and work. I’d like it if the board was relatively light-weight. I live in a VERY flat city so the biggest hill I’d have to go up would be the bridge that crosses the river. :laughing:. Does this help?

not very much :stuck_out_tongue:

how are streets around where you live? if its rough ground, it might be worth it to look for flexier decks. otherwise you probably cant know yet what you want I guess.

problem is that “flexy” is the next level for DIY - much easier to build a stiff eboard for starters.

To be honest… i think i somewhat prefer shorter decks… at least as short as they dont ‘‘compromise’’ stability…

At least… then the board takes up less space and in some instances will be better for turning.

I think some of the guys which work with decks directly are @unik and @Riako

Maybe they can help you out, if you got their attention :wink:

As for stifness - I actually somewhat prefer more stiffer deck, for some reason I didnt like the ‘‘bumpy’’ - soft deck I had on my ‘‘1st version of board’’.

it absorbed a bit too much of everything and I somewhat prefer now just to go in ‘‘straight line’’ than ‘‘bouncing back and force’’ when I have went over a bump…

Though these are just personal observations, I also think that what @whitepony mentioned about ‘‘feeling out the deck’’ etc, is the best way to know what you need/want to make…

unless u got a lot of time on your hands to make some more decks after this one, if the 1st one does not feel super nice after a while :wink:

I’m all for building your own deck, but knowing what sort of deck you will like is a personal preference that developes over time as you figure out how you like to ride. Long, short, flat, concave, flex, top mount, drop-thru, tail, stiff, micro-drop, drop… then comes all the customizations that come with making it an Esk8.

I would suggest starting with a cheap deck for your build, then press your own after you’ve had some time riding it. That way you will know more of what you want and what your requirements are.

I’m guessing between your avatar and this hint that you’re from Winnipeg? :stuck_out_tongue:

Born and raised.

Then let’s go riding! I pm’d you.

Hi, the best tuto you can find is roarockit :wink: The avantage to do your hown board is you could make what you like to ride, what you want to have under your feet ! I buy and try tens and tens board before I make mine and I continu to change it a last time (I hope :smile: ) make it cut it lift it custom it resize it detail it shape it gain ! perfect it ! and refresh :blush: