Custom enclosure design requested

Hello folks !

I’m very bad in 3D modeling, but i would like a custom enclosure that i could 3D-print to use as base on my vacuum table.

This enclosure needs to fit a battery of 325x150x45mm. Besides this, my deck will be custom built to fit this enclosure. Yet the planks i’ll be using are 900x500mm. I’d like to have en enclosure that looks like a fusion between the boosted board’s enclosure and a GTX 1080 founders edition GPU :smile: (love the triangular look on the gpu).

The look that 'im going for on my entire build, will also consist out of 2 seprate enclosures. one for the VESC, FUSE and RECEIVER. Other for the BATTERY, SWITCH and LCD. But you don’t have to worry about these since your model will solely be used as base on my vacuum table.

I’d be glad to make a donation for your time and effort ! :wink:

Kind regards, Ikjahaa

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Sorry, just measured battery, it’s more like 325mm in length…

What’s a vacuum table?

This is a sheetmetal part I made. What kinda shape you looking for? just a big rectangle, rounded edges? one side deeper than other? If you’re doing a vaccum forming machine you get to personalize more than I do. Lemme know whatcha want and Ill see if I can’t make something really quick

starting to make a thing.

Thoughts? recommendations?

This is what i made, but meh… i don’t feel 100% about it though… Still represents the way i’d like to go.

@Challlsss, You might be on to something there… Try adding the screw mounting plates mlike on the boosted

I added a flat section around for screws

If ya want to go fancy I can put holes in the part and we can remove the plate

Ooh yea, i see… try making the front more like boosted, I love the fact that the screw plats are shielded by the front bumper (if i can call it that ? haha) .

Are we looking at the right enclosure? do you want only one section with flat section for screws? Not sure I follow what you mean by bumper

yep, the right one. by bumper i mean the fact that the triangular front goes past the actual “box” and creates a kind of shield for the screws.

Like This?

EDIT* (new photo)

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Yea !!! Can you upload it to thingyverse ? Also me your PayPal name, you deserved a beer on me.

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Any other things you want added/changed? I’ve been having fun with this, Also I just kinda threw the holes down for the image. Do you want me to take them out so that when you make the mold there are no divots, then you can drill however you want?

*EDIT: Do you want it to be hollow or no?

You might want that separated into 2 parts :slight_smile: Most printers won’t have that build area.

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TRUE ikjahaa what are you planning on printing this with?


If anyone else wants an enclosure made/wants a quick change to this one I’d be happy to upload those too.

Woah guys, this is great! I remember I’ve seen this before but I see how it would be nice for esk8 diy. Tell you what, this could be really useful around here. Like a database with a few optimised enclosures. Hey ikjahaa, if you ever make this, consider documenting it.