Custom Enclosure for Landyachtz Evo up to 12s5p for Sale

This current enclosure is 3/16” ABS plastic and was designed with the landyachtz evo deck in mind but may be used on other decks depending on your decks measurements. I’m currently personally using this enclosure on my board with a 12s5p battery. The back cable exit notches and the side drop notches can be removed and the enclosure can be ordered flat all the around. It is also recommended to use a rubber seal. These rubber weather strips can be purchased at your local menards, home depot, etc… or I can included one for additional $10

Measurements inside 7 1/4 x 21 3/4 inches outside 8 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches Depth 1 1/4 inches

Price with out shipping $65 regular w/ or w/o the notches $70 with the stars Other designs coming soon… possible custom orders available (message me) $10 for the rubber weather strip seal

Your order will ship out from Milwaukee, WI same or next business day priority with tracking in the US for $10

Payments done via PayPal, please message me for an order

Sorry but all purchases are final no returns

Feel free to message me with any questions!

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$65 is a good price. I wish you were selling your enclosures a few months back. Looks great. Good luck.

What size battery were you able to fit in there?

Thank you! It is was so much fun learning and going through the process. I’m going to learn how to build the batteries next! What kind of build did you make?

I have a 12s5p, sorry if this posted twice

I agree learning to make something is the best part of diy. What i build? Well. I have a loaded pintail dual hub, a loaded deck dual belt drive and a sector 9 single drive. Like you I chose to make my own enclosures because I could never settle on one design. I made some kydex enclosures with a vacuum box.

Wow lots of boards! I really love my landyachtz custom AT build… it was my first real build… I just put some 107s on it today to test that out… its sitting super low 3aw1LyxQSUKZJn%25rrN%25dPA I’ve got some jetspud decks coming in tomorrow and going to do a build with some evolve trucks on it… going to make a new enclosure for that deck too… and I’m about to start to learn how to make battery packs

Are you still doing these mate ? How much posted to Australia

No sorry I am not