Custom enclosures for sale!

Hello everyone!

I build custom fibreglass enslocures. -3-4 layers of fibreglass -they are waterproof -I can paint them to any color you like

You would probbably need to wait about 1 week for me to make it

Location: Osijek, Croatia (Europe)

1 enclosure -> 30e + shipping (about 10-15e to EU) -half when I start and half when I ship it


I can confirm he is legit, I have bought 2 enclosures from him


It’s been a pleasure :smiley:

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@DjamboBuksne I was wondering if you still sell the custom enclosures. And if it is possible to make an enclosure for a board with slightly more concave than the board on the pictures.

Currently no, I have no spare time… Myb on summer if you can wait?

Nvm I thought this was for a 1997 Saturn S-Series exhaust manifold. My bad.


@DjamboBuksne okay no problem. I can wait. I do have a question though which board do you use as example?

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Since he doesn’t have time, you should hit up @bigben, he makes the best enclosures around and doesn’t charge like they are made of gold.


Thank you for the advise

Good information. I will need a really big enclosure for a Lipo build soon.

@bigben : Are you in EU ? Can’t find this info on your profile.

I’m in the UK.(whiich is still technically in the EU for the time being…)

Here is my instagram page. There are a few examples here.


Nice, thank you ! I don’t have Instagram but I’ll check the link out. Will send you an email when I’ll have decided about the batteries and the size I’ll need.

still one of my favs



This one now lives in the US…

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I’m still waiting on batteries from poland!

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