Custom Evolve Long Board 35+mph

Hey guys,

Looking to sell my custom board. It is pretty much a similar design to the evolve carbon gtr all terrain. This board is really nice/smooth to ride on road as the tires absorb a lot of bumps. The double kingpin design gives you a lot of tuning options for speed or carving. This should be for someone serious only as it reaches 35+ mph and has a custom battery that needs understanding or willingness to learn about lipo battery safety and esc programming. As much as I love riding it I just had a baby girl and I realize I am getting too old for this lol. Located in Houston, Tx

Any who, this long board features: -custom longboard deck(black) w/ custom grip tape job -evolve 7" tires(plenty of tread left) -evolve double kingpin trucks -twin turnigy aerodrive sk3-6364-213kv motors -flipsky 100a fsesc4.2 -handheld remote(trigger style) -custom wired 10s 5000mah lipo comes w/ extra cells -custom undermount led lighting -front mount for light/camera -comes with charger -xt 90 connectors w/ anti spark arming switch

Please only serious inquiries. Well over $1k into board at time of build. Asking $750 local pickup preferred. Shipping extra. May part out if no buyer.


how much range does this board get could you ship to canada?

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No shipping out of country. Unless you want to be responsible for the taxes. I usually have a lot of trouble with this and it arises issues with the customer. My guess is you would pay around $250-$350 in shipping and taxes.

Is this still available? I’d definitely buy it!

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Still for sale?

Still for sale. Sorry I don’t check here often.

Still for sale. Sorry I don’t check here often.

Cool. Pm sent.

Bump…about to disassemble for parting out :frowning:

That battery doesn’t Look safe

No problems with it after one year. Happy to sell no battery.

bump for $500 or will start parting out.

PM has been sent

bump for $400

Is this still for sale?

What kind of range does this get and how much without the battery? I have just over 2000genuine LG HE4 batteries that need a Project like this so I can put at least a small dent in my supply haha.

Roughly 7-10 miles. I go to my friends and back which is 6 miles and still have some left when I get back for the next day to ride a around my neighborhood. $350 no battery. Are you local?

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