Custom From scratch MountainBoard. First ever build is sick!

My first ever deck Build and Battery build. Checkin in to get feedback some see if I’m on the right track. Everything including foam mold was shaped by hand and eye without measuring. The Battery is for my Evolve upgrade. The Mountain Board will get a 12s5p. 20190814_203827_HDR Message_1565914379703|374x499 20190816_202518_HDRMessage_1565824598713Message_1565914379703


Should post on .news


I’d definitely follow this project over there :wink:

Ill check it out. Im wicked new. I LLCed Boulder Mountain Boards in Boulder Colorado. Sold everything to Build an E Board company This is the prototype👍.

Looks pretty cool! How much flex it has?

Idk!. Lol. Some. Im like 175. It’s 11 layers. Meant ro be a little stiffer fir serious trail ridin. I never made one before this.

You did well, especially with the curve

Thank you man!. Curve was done using my daughter’s tent pole bent over a screw on centerline. Sharpied the side of R10 foam then rasped and sanded flat. Appreciate the compliment!. Thanks!!