Custom Haya Deck FS

Ok guys. Gonna keep this short and sweet. I put this up in the other place too…

I am doing a custom Haya for someone… maybe you?

It is a standard Haya deck that I am going to customize to give it more character.

20190224_083328 20190224_083352

The lid is going to be CF with glass frit, which I am just finishing up now.

20190303_073203 20190302_104513 20190301_145312

The ends of the top beyond the edge of the lid can be finished in CF to match the rest of the lid, or painted, I will leave that up to the buyer.

The bottom I am going to leave unfinished as I want to be able to customize it for whoever gets it.

There are a LOT of options here. But essentially it will be a fabric lamination chosen by you or even custom designed by you. You want your avatar with lightning bolts behind it? Cool.

You own a business and want your logo? No sweat.

Want the lyrics to your favorite nickelback song just like it is tattooed to your upper thigh? Ok, I guess

Or you can just select from one of 750,000 options that are already available.

I am going to post some examples of some of the projects I have done for people to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Also, things like changing to polished hardware for the lid is of course doable too. Can even imbed subtle reflectors in the epoxy for increased visibility.

20190123_162505 20190123_163206

20190123_164039 20190123_163957

Here are some examples. 20190218_154615 20181205_130156 20181222_165445 20190212_182759 20190130_202512 20181222_164808 20190120_140256 20181205_125826 20181111_125827 20190218_154134 20190202_064913 20190201_165610 20190126_180108 20190211_184242 20190218_154052

Here are some examples of some custom fabrics coming in or being worked on (@mmaner does all the design work, so your deck will be touched by an angel)

20190302_110708 20190302_110648

This is a detailed and time consuming process. So don’t crucify me at the stake for the price point.

Custom Haya $425

That includes shipping (within US, international, we will figure it out) and all custom costs (within reason, lol).

Please hit me up if you have any questions or want more details.

Turn around will be approximately 3-4 weeks after the fabric is selected and ordered (most of that time is waiting for the fabric). This is unless something unforeseen happens of course.

How I want to do it is take a $200 deposit on PayPal so I can get the fabric you select ordered. Then finish the project while sending you progress updates. After it is complete, you will pay the balance and I ship out the board to you.

The deposit is just to protect me so you don’t change your mind and leave me stuck with a custom deck with your ugly face on it or something​:joy:.

I guess this wasn’t short. My bad.


Keep em coming the good work


@Sender epic work as always.

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WOW! Your work is better and better :smiley: @Sender I know you posted a link to those cloths somewhere but I can’t find it. Can you share it again?



Anyone interested, go play in the search function there and look for anything and everything. They have such a library of stuff, it is awesome.

Just remember, we can do custom too!


Thank you very much!


Hey my Circuit Board made the photo shoot!


Get your deck skinned by @sender. This is a phenomenal price for an awesome deck phenomenally skinned.


We need B.Gates and J.Bezos to invest into esk8 right now, we should all be billionaires making the world a better place.

needless to say nice work man.

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I think this board needs to be skinned in narwhals


Damn! deck looks pretty sick just as pictured with the carbon fiber lid :drooling_face:

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Damn son!!! You’ve been busy!!! What a cool contribution to the whole scene!!! Wish I lived in the states sometimes.

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If I can get someone to scoop it up, it will be so :fire::fire:! I have some stuff I could finish it with here or even a Sender Skates design @mmaner made. But it will be so much cooler to get it to someone all tricked out to their liking!


Fuk yeah! Glad you got the price worked out. This level of customization is worth every penny. Plus no need for grip tape


Thanks man! For people who send me a deck it is in the $150-$200 range. I am trying to get some cool stuff and offer it up like this.

It is tempting to just finish the decks in a cool way that I like and posting them up for sale, but I think it is cooler for people to be able to really personalize it.

We shall see if there is even a market for this kind of thing though. Worst case scenario, I just keeping skinning stuff for @mmaner!:joy:

Just wait until I finish up a new evo for him! It is going to be simultaneously epic and a harkening to the past. Just waiting on the deck from Muir and the fabric to come in!


It is gonna be fuckin epic, like the most epic Evo ever.


I still haven’t built out the skull deck. Waiting for six shooters and battery build. After that I got one more Hummie build. That will be my 3rd and final Hummie build for a while (famous last words :joy:).

Urethane Belt. Pneumatic Belt & maybe Enertion Hubs?


No takers on this beauty yet?

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Not yet!

Damn! I’m getting super close to asking you how much would take for it as pictured!? lol

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But wouldn’t this be dope on the bottom!


I have this on hand. That makes turn around a lot faster. And since it is already here, I could finish it out for $400 including shipping in the US.

I would still rather make it custom on the bottom for someone, but I ordered this fabric a while ago because I do like it a lot. Grungy feel.