Custom hub motors | 4 SK3 4250 motors in the In Heat wheels

Hi guys,

I have some In Heat’s laying around and wanted to put them into good use, read some threads about putting 6374 SK3 motors inside 90mm flywheels and I’m thinking about doing the same thing but with smaller motors and wheels.

Any thoughts on this? Would the motors overheat too much? they have 1150W of power so having 4 could be crazy but I’m worried about heat)


What is the KV 350-500? likely they produce high rpm per watt and wouldn’t work. Without a reduction drive you would be doing 120-170 mile a hour at 8s so you will not have enough torque.

The ones I saw on hobbyking were 350kv which is toooo high ( I want to use 12s for this) but I spoke to an agent and they said they might be able to custom make one with lower kv)

At 12s that is like 176mph…

They can be rewound @BoostedBuilder , think more 50-70kv, 25-35mph

You could go even lower?

yeah hahaha I was thinking 75kv

Why not bigger motors? For example 50xx

Dont really know why, I felt like I needed the extra urethane))

Any more thoughts, anyone? I know frank did it with his geared motors)

He did with 300 kv alien motors, they also have 42mm with 100kv, have a look later, the problem is the heat