Custom Liion battery packs based in Germany

Hey everyone,

I’m an electronics engineer student based in east Germany and building custom liion battery packs in my spare time.

I use all the good stuff like quality cells from , pure nickel strips, insulator rings, fishpaper between the series cell groups and so on.

I’ve built a few battery’s so far, you can see the pictures below. (Meepo 10S2P upgrade pack with 20700 cells and 30A bms)

I can pretty much build any battery pack you want in solid or even flexible packs.

Prices will be fair and individually based on the pack you order.

20190530_135420 20190531_140009 20190531_150458 20190531_152638 20190601_105453


Hi! If you bought recently nickel from nkon, make sure to test it. They sold nickel plated steel which is not great to use. https://forum./t/psa-do-not-buy-nickel-from-nkon-at-the-moment/6740?u=andy87

I would also avoid this situation image

Especially if you fold the packs together than. The balance wire can rub off and short the pack. As min put fishpaper under the balance wires.



I know from the faulty nickel from nkon and therefore buy my nickel from AliExpress. I test it by scratching it and leaving it in saltwater overnight. :slight_smile:

Also thanks for pointing out the design flaws. In the last pack I built I spotwelded extra balance tabs for the balance wires, put fishpaper below them and bent them to the side of the cell. Also it doesn’t heat the cell that way (no soldering on main nickel strips).


What would a 10s8p 30q pack with d140bms (charge only) cost me?

Do you use fuses and what charging port do you offer?


Material cost would be around 300-350€ + labour. So it would be around 500-600€ total

Yes I normally use a 4A fuse for the chargeport and any value you want for the output. For charging I’m using 5.5mm barrel ports.

Doesn’t look like you use fish paper between the parallel groups? You should really do that to prevent the Parallel packs from shorting each other if they rub against each other.

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Parallel cells don’t need fishpaper because they have the same potential. Even if they ever touched, it wouldn’t matter because they’re in parallel.

At the ends of a parallel group I put fishpaper of course. (The pack in the pictures I built a while ago and have improved the quality since then)

@legend27 means here image

Yes they glued together and shouldn’t rub, but :tipping_hand_man: You never know



and don’t forget to round those corners circled in yellow!

also, corners circled in blue could pierce your balance wires and create short!



Corners get rounded in the next pack of course. Balance wires get extra fishpaper under them to protect them


Maybe you want to post some actual work over there: https://forum./ Lot of us moved over, so there might be the one or other interested in your service as well.

I see danger danger danger. Please read some build tips on both forums before selling packs

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A lot of concerns and recommendations have already been discussed here. I’ve also read a lot of topics about batterys in the forums. @pjotr47 Could you please add your danger thoughts so I can improve my work? :slight_smile:


That is completely not needed.

Some say it is, some say it isn’t. I personally do it and I don’t see how it could hurt.

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Hi im interested in a battery, im actually located in eastish Germany too! How much would a smaller battery that could go about 8 miles with dual hub motors? Im trying to build a skateboard for zooming around town, but not overly heavy.

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a 10s2p should be plenty if your goal is 8 miles. With my 10s2p pack i get about 16-22 km with moderat to fast speeds. If i go slowly i can achieve 27km easily (95KG rider) That way you’ll have some spare range if needed and you don’t have to worry about cutting it short. @YoddlingTaco

I would maybe go with a 7s2p 30q or something similar to keep the weight down. A 1p pack with just 18650 cells isn’t gonna cut it currentwise. But if you want the lightest pack and don’t need the range I can build a 10s1p Samsung 40t pack (21700cells) :slight_smile:

Right now I have Meepo Mini 2 which has more range then I need. I’m not that well versed on my battery-speak as I am new to the electric skateboard scene, but would the packs you build only work with a motor that takes a specific voltage? I’m still trying to find a source for a motor/esc/other stuff.

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Brush less motors can run at any voltage (to a certain extent.)

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