Custom made CNC motor mount. Caliber | 6374

Hello, guys. Today I’m going to show you my custom made CNC, fully adjustable motor mount. It was made especially for caliber trucks and 6374 sk3 motors. Center distance is adjustable between 65-75mm, which is perfect for 36T/15T 270mm, 260mm setup. Mount is machined from Aircraft grade 6082 Alloy.


Looks nice, you gotta an extra one?

No, but I’m planning to make 10 pcs and sell them.


Are you in Europe? Any idea of price? (Interested in 2)

Yes, I’m in Europe. Maybe there are more people interested, so I’ll put them into esk8 EU market.

I think it’s about 40€ for one kit with bolts and holes with threads.

Very nice looking mount. I’d be interested, but my mount has to be quite far in, where the Caliber II truck starts to taper. Do you have some way to shim the mount to get it aligned?

Mount can be mounted till taper. Do you have some pictures? How much it needs to be pushed?

It looks like @laikiux has caliber II trucks as well. You can see the slight taper on his too. Have you had any issues with the mount moving under load?

To give you an idea how far it needs to be in, I had 16mm machined off the end of the truck and my pulley is about 18mm wide.

The furthest I gen get is about 36mm,


That might be juuuust enough. Does it align well (perpendicular to the axle) when you tighten it up at that point?

Yes, it aligns

@laikiux I like it but if I can mention one thing. Mounts that have the adapters with a round bore usually tend to slip because it’s only friction holding the mount up. Personally I’ve found much failure with mounts like this from Diyelectricskateboard, the best bolt on mounts in my opinion are Enertion style mounts

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But it feels very solid. Alien uses the same technic. I can’t even to move it with lot of force. But, if somehow it will slip, I’ll drill hole all the way down till adapter, set wanted angle make thread and tighten everything with screw.

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A third screw in-between the two bigger screws keeps everything in place

Please send me this project

You want to buy one? Sorry, but I haven’t maschined mounts yet.

I would like to get the dimensions of the finished project

Feel free, but if it’s only 10pc’s to sell, please don’t make a competition out of it on a website …