Custom Trampa MTB for Sale

For sale is my fully custom Trampa build. This board has served me well over the past 2 years but it is time to move on to something else. This board was built by myself, an electrical engineer, with extreme attention to detail.

The board itself if a Trampa HS11 17ply deck, superstar hubs, hollow front axle, and solid rear axle. I have enough extra hardware to replace every bolt on the deck, trucks, and wheels. I also have brand new bearings for all the wheels; the bearings in the board currently are in great shape. The 8" T3 MBS tires are brand new. I am including the old Trampa treads that were just taken off. Two spare tubes are included as well.

The 10S4P Samsung 30Q battery pack is mounted underneath the board with a flexible enclosure that was sprayed with real bed liner. Not the stuff from a can. This makes the finish super durable while still remaining flexible. The battery pack is in fair condition, one section of the pack was recently replaced recently due to a bad cell. All of the cells were measure to be within .25V of one another. I can usually get about 10 miles of range riding flat out. Closer to 15 miles if it’s a slower cruz. The 6A battery charger will charge the board in a little over an hour.

The controller is just a basic 2.4ghz RC car radio. I’ve found it to be the most reliable and easiest to hold while riding. I’m inluding the Nano-X I originally bought for the board. I experienced a lot of reliability issues with the Nano-X.

The board has an E-Switch with an 80A fuse. I’ve also installed a light bar with control circuitry and power regulation. The light bar is extremely bright and is a must for night riding. The power and light bar buttons light up red when the board is on. There is a USB-C cable connection on the outside of the board for programming one of the ESC’s. I was not able to figure out CAN forwarding to program the other one but it’s there if you are able to figure it out; it could save you a lot of time as you will not need to take the enclosure off to reprogram.

The drivetrain starts with dual focboxes(VECS-X); these ESC’s have been dead reliable and have never failed me. They are cooled and hard mounted to a custom heat sink. The motors are alien power systems 6384 170kV and are mounted to an ETOXX 1:5 helical gear direct drive system. The motors are still super smooth and extremely powerful. The ETOXX gearbox is really what makes this board special. The helical gears make is silent and it needs little to no maintenance. There are two teeth on one of the gear that are chipped (pictured) this does not affect the functionality of the board. I have been riding it like this for about a year with no issues and no noticable feel or noise. Other slight issue of not is that one of the sensor wires for the motors is broken. The break needs to be found and be re soldered. Right now I am running it in sensor less mode.

I have a focbox unity I bought to upgrade the dual focboxes but never got around to it. It can be negotiated with the board.

The board has a top speed of 26mph and will do wheelies. It has been an absolute riot to own. After owning a Evolve GT there is no comparison between this and your average e-skate. The riding experience is more like snowboarding than skateboarding. The turning radius this loooong and requires the use of the bindings to turn and control the board effectively. The board is set up in regular, it can be changed to goofy but it would take a good deal of work to do so.

Let me know if you have any questions by replying to the thread. I would be willing to ship inside of North America. Local pickup or dropoff is most preferred if you are in Arizona area.

Asking $1700

Here are the beauty shots:


Price? Nice build

Any chance to ship it to europe?

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they are more common in europe.

Have you had to pay import taxes before?

I’m not sure of the steps required to ship over seas given this is a fairly large li-ion battery pack. If you cover shipping cost and import taxes I would be willing to dig into it some more.

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nevermind,went diffrent way, good luck

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Hey! I’m looking to pick up my first MTB and this is a great setup, you obviously put a lot of love into this board. If it’s still available I can put in an offer. Interested in the Unity upgrade as well, and I’m based in Michigan.

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Pm me bro I have a surprise for you, @kosmios

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