Custom Urban Carver Mountain Board Hybrid

Hey guys! Here are some photos with the board I build last year. It is a mix between Urban Carver and Mountain board. Basically, it’s an Urban carver with an ATB Hanger, cause I think it gives the board a more muscle car look, plus, I had room for Kaly’s light stands. I have used the FatBoy SS Mini Drive V3 1:3 with 2 APS 6374 170KV motors, Unity speed controller and a 12S7P battery made by me. Below you there is a link to the tread in which I posted images with the battery progress: The grip tape is designed by me, it’s called Double Camel Toe :)). It wasn’t intentional, I just realized the resemblance after I finished it. I’ll post more updates with custom accessories that I will create for this board.


There is only one thing I love more than e-boards and that’s a skeleton. So, I decided to create a skeleton artwork to print on my board. The second image is the crop version to fit the battery enclosure. The artwork is not a painted illustration, but a heavily processed photo that I took of my customized full size skeleton.The third image is the original photo.


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Thanks mate! I already manage to post there! It seems there is a lot more activity there than here! Cheers!

Well, since there is more activity on the other forum, I will continue posting my board upgrades on this thread:

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nice build man. really nice photos too.

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Thanks mate!

Added some bulls bar! I’ve been planing to do that for a while. I had my eyes on the E-toxx ones which are really cool, but they are too damn expensive. Trampa don’t have them on black… so I bought these bike holder handle on Aliexpress (link below) which are really cheap and made some 3D printed adapters for the Trampa hanger. I think they look pretty cool! they are not the top quality, but they are lightweight and sturdy enough.

Here are some details about the enclosure. As I said earlier, it’s a Trampa enclosure to which I added a layer of rubber of 1cm thickness between the deck and the enclosure to make room for a double layered battery pack. On the sides, I added 2 mini enclosures for the start button and a Bioboards display on a side and a Rosenberg charging port on the other.


And here is the final look with the artwork printed on it.


Hey guys, I have a question and I was wondering if any of you could help me! Based on my boards specs: Dual 6374 APS 170 KV motors rated for 80Amps, Focbox Unity, 12S7P battery and a 60A BMS… is it safe to push the Amps in each motor to 70, maybe even 80A each? I tried with 60A and everything went fine, but I am afraid I am going to fry something if I push it more than that…